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Audio Post Production for Film & TV

what we've done


Production Details Company
A Pinprick of Light Short Film Stranger than Paradise Productions
Napoleon (1927) Feature BFI
Molly Monsters Animation Feature Ted Sieger
The Hatching Feature Sabre Films
Twisted Nerve Feature Charter Film Productions
Luck Feature Liviu Tipurita/Winfilms
The Third Falcon Feature (DVD) Palm Tree Entertainment
Ikwid Feature (DVD) Palm Tree Entertainment
Heckle Feature (DVD) Palm Tree Entertainment
Suspension of Disbelief Feature Mike Figgis (Dir)
I Against I Feature Stray Dogs Films
Sailcloth Short Film Berserk Films
Subculture Short Film Berserk Films
Enemies of the People Film Documentary Old Street Films
Beg, Borrow, Steal Feature BBS Productions
Friends & Enemies Feature Defiant Films
Quantanamero Feature Arritmia Films